Gwen Stafini $10m salary made Trump run for presidency?

Is Gwen Stefani to blame for Donald Trump running for president? Michael Moore claims Trump was so pissed that she was paid more to join The Voice than he got for The Apprentice so he ditched his show to run for the White House.

Gwen Stefani is the reason Donald Trump ran for president. That is the wild claim that documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is making. He says that the tycoon entered the presidential race as a negotiating tactic to get more money out of NBC for appearing on his reality show The Apprentice. Ahead of the Toronto Film Festival premiere of his Trump election film Fahrenheit 11/9, Michael made the bold claim to The Hollywood Reporter. He says that when Trump found out the network was going to pay Gwen Stefani $10 million to join The Voice, he was in the middle of negotiations with NBC as to whether he would appear on season 15 of his reality show. On June 16, 2015, Trump announced his candidacy, but the filmmaker claims was simply a stunt to get more money from NBC, because he didn’t really want to be president and definitely didn’t want to get paid less than Gwen.