No one chooses to be a refugee. No one chooses to leave their home.

Mahira Khan after meeting Afghan refugees in Karachi in collaboration with UNHCR

For me, my roots are very, very strong. It’s very Indian. Even if I try to get rid of it, I don’t think I will be able to do it.

Deepika Padukone on whether she feels any pressure while representing India at international level

I consider myself a fairly positive person and most people have always seen me smiling and full of excitement.

Momina Mustehsan on fighting depression in the past and overcoming it

The boy within me hasn’t died yet. And as long as he is alive, you’ll get to see him and people will like him.

Humayun Saeed on being criticised for playing larka-type roles

Ali Saleem is an innocent man. I believe he wasn’t involved in any illegal activity.

Meera comes forward to rescue her fellow star