Making threads conversational


Twitter’s director of product management, tweeted a couple of screenshots showing off changes in the recent twitter interface. The platform is considering making things more “conversational.” Threaded conversations and status indicators make the app look a lot more like Facebook comment thread like it could make following a conversation easier, just like threading within a user’s own tweets did when that feature launched last year. The status updates, however, don’t seem great. Imagine knowing President Donald Trump is online! But actually, because of Twitter’s harassment issues, a status update might not be a smart idea when you consider how trolls could use it to ensure their replies are being seen. Talking about the durability and survival of this interface, it’s entirely possible they’ll never roll out.

Facebook watch is now available globally

Facebook has finally announced the wider rollout of its Facebook Watch video platform, with all users, globally, to get access to Watch. Thus far, Facebook’s YouTube challenger has seemingly failed to gain huge traction, but usage is growing, and expanding access to the app’s global audience will obviously give it a significant boost. It won’t be easy, but broadening access to watch is a major step. Now Facebook has the chance to take the video platform to the next level which could also have important social media marketing benefits. All Page videos will be eligible to show up in Facebook Watch and as such, the addition of ad breaks provides a significant boost to Facebook’s video monetisation tools.