• 14 Oct - 20 Oct, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Time Out

Go, Went, Gone
by Jenny Erpenbeck

A newly retired, widowed, Berlin classics professor begins to track a group of African refugees who are sitting in protest in Alexanderplatz. This transformative novel, translated from German by Susan Bernofsky, explores the human side of the crisis asylum seekers face.

A French Wedding
by Hannah Tunnicliffe

A weekend among friends takes a confusing turn when long-simmering issues rise to the surface. The author presents a somewhat predictable but still enjoyable portrait of love, friendship, and exquisite cuisine.

Genuine Fraud
by E. Lockhart

The book tells the story of a young woman who reinvents herself - over and over and over. Fans of E. Lockhart will love this psychological suspense novel, and definitely won’t see the ending coming.