Style Segue

  • 15 Sep - 21 Sep, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Contemporary fashion cashes on a few steals from the vintage favourites and a few coveted trends from the modern times. With the befalling autumn, a lot rests on layering, drapes, embroidery and lacework. A playful blend of contemporary and old school style is in abundance with sleeves getting a longer length, long kameez making a comeback, sheer play on net becoming more in vogue, etc. Embroidery, lace detailing and colour choices are being recognised as odes to fashion back in the good old days, while still staying in the now. Autumn’s colour palette is far from conventional; bright reds and oranges, pale blues and green hues composed with brighter and deeper hues. And of course, an all-black and all-white attire is quintessential of every season, and shall stay this way eternally.

Bottoms have undergone a revamp, with trousers becoming snugger and getting a cleaner cut. The diagonal slash-cut which shortens the length of the trousers is definitely in vogue. More experimentation with trouser hemlines are also in effect and trending. There is also a fashionable inclination for statement jewellery with large ornamental earrings, stone neck chokers, strings of pearls and huge stone-studded rings being favourites.

Designer: Sania Maskatiya