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The magazine shows mirror to Trump, yet again

Who can forget TIME’s timeless cover featuring a crying child looking up to the tall (read short) figure of Trump after the announcement of his ill policy towards non-immigrant parents to leave US without their own children (US citizens).

Now, in another bid to stay true to the cause of journalism and unbiased reporting, Time magazine has recently released three separate covers featuring US teachers. The cover story gives details about the state of teachers who talk about the hardships they have been facing being in the profession. The story also reveals how US government has failed to come up with a solution to provide the future builders with a justified income.

A Woodford County High School history educator from Kentucky, Hope Brown, who is among the three, told the magazine that she works at three different places and donates plasma twice a week to help make ends meet.

The two other teachers gracing the cover are Social Studies teacher Rosa Jimenez at the UCLA Community School in Los Angeles and NaShonda Cooke at the Carroll Leadership in Technology Magnet Middle School.

Time approached Brown to illustrate its point that teachers make less money on average than they did in 1990, forcing many to turn to second jobs to pay bills. Last year, teachers made 18.7 percent less money than comparable workers, according to the magazine’s report of numbers from the Economic Policy Institute. In a similar story about the financial hardships of teachers, another publication had also recently highlighted a Lexington teacher and six other educators.