5 Travel Blogs To Inspire The Nomad In You

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Travelling is a wonderful component of the human experience, especially going abroad. As a travel blogger one needs to keep pushing their boundaries and go for exciting trips around the world, be it in a developed nation or a country that is yet to develop, every place has its own eccentricities that one must identify. If you’re a travel blogger who’s looking for some much-needed inspiration on how and where to travel next, here’s a list of amazing travel blogs that could help you decide. Take a look!


Mark Wiens is a “full-time travel eater” who explores exotic locations around the world, all for the sake of taking in new tastes and smells. His blog is one of the best travel guides for food enthusiasts, especially those who are drawn to different areas of the world through their cuisine. It even has a tool that lets you choose a city that Mark has visited, and he can tell you the spots to get the best food. The blog has been featured in The New York Times and CNN Travel.

The Drifter Collective

This blog focuses on the beauty of nature and the joy of spontaneous travel. The site follows the adventures of the talented and beautiful Kacey Mya Bradley, an avid traveller and nature enthusiast. Her content is so inspiring and engaging you’ll feel as though you’ve shared in her experiences. Beautiful scenery and eclectic photos adorn each post, giving readers a taste of different cultures and the stories Kacey has to share.

Girl vs. Globe

Girl vs. Globe follows the adventures of Scotland-native Sabina, who traverses the globe and shares her experiences in her unique and personable style. As one of the best travel blogs this year, Sabina has a certain wit about herself and her stories are amazing. She’s travelled almost everywhere – the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, North America, Europe and Africa. Most of her travels are based in Europe, where she’s visited Austria, Britain, France, Germany, and many other countries. Her blog has been featured on Lonely Planet and The Huffington Post.

The Professional Hobo

No, this blog isn’t suggesting an unrealistic career change. Rather, it’s an encouragement to never let cost hold you back from exploring the world. Nora Dunn travels the world on a budget, and chronicles her journey to help you go on adventures without breaking the bank as well. Her destinations are quite attractive, and the blog is filled to the brim with financial tips that can cut travel costs down significantly. Nora can also teach you how to make being a full-time traveller financially sustainable.

The Barefoot Nomad

This blog follows the adventures of Charles and Micki Kosman, and their children, Cole and Jordan. The Kosmans have travelled with their kids through Cuba, Hong Kong, Costa Rice, Spain and many other countries over the years. Since their first major trip back in 2003, the Kosmans have spent years compiling notes on their adventures and have shared their experiences as a family, making this one of the best travel blogs to follow for the New Year.

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