Talking about depression is not about being brave: Deepika

Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone who opened up about her battle with depression in 2014, has revealed that her aim was never to look “brave”. The actor said that when she shared her struggles for the first time, she was just trying to be honest with herself and her fans, reported The Indian Express.

“For me coming out with my experience and sharing it with the world really was about being honest. At that point, four years ago, I didn’t think about it as being brave. I didn’t think that it was meant to be revolutionary,” shared Deepika, while attending a mental health awareness event.

The Padmaavat star added that while it was important for her to share something that had changed her life, she also knew that was a lot of stigma attached to depression and mental health illnesses. Deepika stated that it was her mother who identified that she was suffering from depression.

“I didn’t know what I was feeling or going through. Fortunately, it was my mother who was my caregiver and recognised my symptoms in the early stages. I was not feeling motivated anymore. I didn’t know why I wasn’t happy in my life and she was the one who took me to a counselor who immediately recognised that I needed medical help,” continued Deepika.