Begum Nawazish - An episode with police wallahs

Well, you could call it bottled innocence! When the policwallas asked our own Begum Nawazish, munh sunghao, the sweet guy tried to slam into the police party. Really? A violent Ali Saleem! I just won’t believe it, even if you hit me with a glass bottle!

And just look at the plot! Was it written by Imran Aslam? By the way Aslam has written a film for Asim Raza, called Parey Hut Love! But, lest I lose the main theme, the police was following some criminals into a Clifton bungalow, when who do they find in a room, pickled to the gills? Ah, yes, our own great socialite, Begum Nawazish!

When they tried to question he… umm… him, they were startled by the actor, who zonked them with lots of josh, not hosh! He was in the pen, but has been bailed out! And Meera is getting all bleary-eyed about getting him out! “Ali Saleem is an innocent man!” she insisted. “We were all there in that bungalow, and we were shooting for a film. But, Ali Saleem has vanished after that shooting!”

Oh, okay, even the tulla party is getting too duty-conscious after the Naya Pakistan came into being. Probably they thought Ali Saleem was in cahoots with the criminals. If they knew about the clout of Begum Nawazish, they would never lay hands on hi… umm… her!