Fakhr-e-Alam - Incident on The Highway!

Okay, so first it was the police and Ali Saleem. And now, it’s the police and Fakhr-e-Alam! Who’s next, can you tell me? Teefa in Trouble?

In a bumper-to-bumper jam, slowly inching along on one of the arteries of the city, you obviously couldn’t imagine some nerdy rozzer to just give birth to a wish that the guy with the agla bumper should turn to the left and leave open spaces for him and his cronies. But, that’s exactly what the police party in mobile van asked our own Fakhr-e-Alam to do: vamoose! A cop (tulla in awami lingo) knocked on Fakhr’s window, gave him a jalwa of his barood-loader, and asked him to aagey se hut jaein!

Now, before our famous light-hearted singer and linker could understand what was going on, the afore-mentioned vehicle just hit his jalopy, squarely between the kanpati! Point blank, this begged for a hifazati ghubbara, blocking the wheels. Thank God, it wasn’t such a dhachka! Fakhr, not exactly listening to Pyar Diyan Gallan Karojee on his neural record player, stepped out of the machine… and you know when all of his 6 feet 4 inches appears, it is a sight… the copper hit the recede button on the double. Meaning the siren tune is triggered in the mobile.

Of course, even the guy with the muzzle had seen Fakhr, and hard luck for him, he had seen him in one of the shows, where he was in his black waskat (waistecoat!) over safaid shalwar kameez, which made even the dimwit imagine he was an MNA or MPA from Nawabshah or Khoshab! So, he ran, and ran like a dragon was coming after him!

So, don’t even think, Fakhr bhai that the copper recognised you. No such thing! He thought it’s the MNA, who he was trying to scare, heaven forbid!