Mansha Pasha - Busy Bee!

Umera Ahmed’s Zindagi Gulzar Hai revolved around a debonair Fawad Khan and an adamant Sanam Saeed. But, when Mansha Pasha entered the frame, you could see she was a talent for the future. Her free flow, as against her stern sister was very invigorating. Though now she isn’t appearing in too many serials, she isn’t out of the frame. She is a fine fashion icon, and appears in TV ads now and then. It could be that Mansha divides her time in various pursuits.

Recently, she told us that she is now delving in ads for public messages. She is learning direction. That accounts for her momentary absence from the screen. She must be learning the craft of ad-making and commercial direction. But, she informed us that she has started working in new TV serials. Odd that no new promos don’t feature her then. May be, we’ll see her in the next batch of promos in October. According to her, she has learned a lot from other senior artistes. With her confidence in acting and modelling, one can be sure she’ll turn out to be a good director, too.