New Serials - Routine Beginnings!

After watching a lame-duck end to the most senseless serial, Zan Mureed, where the most sordid husband turns the most loving after a week in jail, I just couldn’t make up my mind to follow a new serial. But, you can’t stay away from analysis if you are addicted to it. With Aatish and Lamhay both on-air the same week, I had to blow a whole paper glass of pop corns to follow them!

A couple of episodes of both convinced me that they are going on the same trail: slow and disoriented in the first few episodes, and then revealing some deep-seated secret in the later ones. I don’t really approve of this, because if you remember O Rangreza, Udaari or Sammi, they were intense from the opening episodes. But, you can’t always wish for through and through winners. In this channel market of mediocrity, you learn to tolerate the average stuff.

For one, Hina Altaf is in Aatish in a pivotal role, and this time it’s a litmus test for her. I like her tazgi, but she has to emote better to earn marks. With that winning smile and charming looks, she is blessed with a character in this serial that is hiding a secret sorrow. Now, as the title Aatish suggests, Miss Altaf requires a depth charge to cross the bridge into the next category!

Of course, the girl definitely in the next category, Zara Noor Abbas is getting ready for a really challenging role in Lamhay. Though she is not partnered by any popular actors, the beauty and brains combo of Zara can hit this one off, too. Her role is written for compromises, and that lands her in a real jam. Well, jaywalking is no trouble for versatile artistes, and Zara is set to dazzle in Lamhay!