Nailing it! A gander at Fall Nail Trends 2018

  • 22 Sep - 28 Sep, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Its official, the fall nail trends for 2018 are full of bold patterns and creative features that will elevate any look. All of the fall fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris saw a carefully curated set of stunning nail designs that ranged from avant-garde to subtle and chic.

In an everyday setting, the most audacious manicure will not only be noticed, but also commented on and, in many cases, duplicated. Be on the cutting edge by staying ahead of the nail trends for this year and carefully applying the right designs and nail colours.

Nail art is an incredible inclusion of fashion on the wearer’s fingers, so take a minute to peruse the seasonal nail art trends too and grab a few ideas to grace your hands throughout the cool and cold weather seasons.

Playing to the moody tones

Naturally, with the arrival of the colder months, colours get darker and gloomier both, in terms of fashion and beauty. The season’s nail trends embraced fall’s authentic side by offering up a myriad of darker fall nail polish shades you could wear with basically any outfit.

Many designers have showcased glossy nails in moody tones of dark olive, smokey teal and more. A few tipped manicures showed off a stunning cream end on a rich burgundy- coloured base. Chocolate-cherry coloured nails were dreamily and perfectly deep in colour in a medium-length stiletto shape, while deeply-coloured nails topped with fine mesh were interesting and just the right amount of gothic glamour that also had a bit of a snakeskin-effect to them.

Futuristic Metallics

Metallics are usually assumed to be shades of gold, copper and chrome. In recent seasons, the rose gold trend really took off, but now metallics of all shades are getting a lot of love as a fall 2018 nail trend. Our favourites include a metallic olive shade which can be designed to match the eye make-up looks too. The silver chrome polish tipped with coral makes for an excellent choice as well. The best metallic nails which seal the deal are prismatic nails in holographic blue and green designed to look like the beautiful shell of a Peruvian insect!

Nude and Neutrals

Nail trends, too, announce gold and silver metallic as the new nude, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to wear something subtle with a good hint of shine. Light shades of taupe, beige and even olive green have made the list, with soft, early translucent pinks to be considered the new neutrals. These nail colours include the universally flattering shades of gray, brown and olive, shades of nude that don’t amp up on the colour too much, just enough to be unassuming yet chic.

Nails with attitude 

Not just for rude girls, vampy nails are the hip accessory of the season

It has always been a certain type of girl who wears her nails long, coloured and embellished. Nice young ladies once cringed at such ostentation and kept their nails French manicured or painted red for special occasions. Not anymore. With maximal dressing de rigueur and gold, the moment’s hottest colour, super-talons are the ultimate beauty statement to complete the look. This season, nails are being worn long, polished and decorated with diamante. Talons painted in bright colours and metallic shades, once considered bad taste, have clawed their way from downtown up onto the catwalk. At Chanel, the models wore long metallic nails, while at Christian Dior, John Galliano sent girls down the runway sporting red-and-gold French manicures, a look fit for a dance-hall queen.