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Meera @TheMeeraJee

One of the women I admire Angelina Jolie said that when one has fame, one also has a responsibility to give back to society otherwise that fame is considered vulgar. I applaud #MahiraKhan and #AaminaSheikh for their initiatives working with Afghan children.


Sky is always grayer on the other side @Zinniagar-dens for the show with @ferozekhan

Feroze Khan @ferozekhaan

Know, that you’re invincible. Don’t lose it.

Sonam K Ahuja @sonamakapor

Fabulous hair makes the day better.

Shaniera Akram @iamShaniera

Put plastic back in its place, recycle today for a better tomorrow. Let’s work together to keep our beautiful country clean.

Vasay Chaudhry @vasaych

Today Mohsin Abbas fainted while singing in Mazaqraat but the show had to go on so I immediately took over...then everyone fainted.