Kufte Bozbash Azeri Meatball Soup

  • 22 Sep - 28 Sep, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 50gm rice

· 500gm minced beef

· Salt and pepper to taste

· 50gm dried sour plum

· 1kg beef stock

· 100gm tomato paste

· 100gm carrot

· 100gm onion

· 50gm macaronis

· 100gm chickpeas


Wash the rice until the water runs clear. Place it in a bowl together with minced beef and season with salt and pepper. Separate the mix into four parts and prepare the meat balls, stuffing them with a single plum each. Add the stock and tomato paste into a pot and bring to a boil. In a separate pan, add carrot and onion, and sauté until soft. Add the vegetables to the tomato paste mixture and pasta, and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the meat balls and chickpeas, and cook for 10 more minutes. Season to taste and serve.