Princess Diaries

MAG’s Top Picks of the Week!

The editorial always has an eye out for the most exciting accessories in the market. This time we bring you the most blingy gemstone accessories that will instantly make you feel like a royal princess.

1- Bring a little bling to your evening look with a pair of yellow-sapphire-and-diamond 18k white gold earrings.

2- Even the phone accessories need to look like they belong to a royal.

3- For an all out princess feels, go for a beautiful ruby brooch to embellish your top, bag, or scarf.

4- This white fire opal-amethyst bracelet is perfect if you want to opt for gemstone accessories but want something soft-looking and not too blingy.

5- Tired of  wearing tinted and shaded glasses? Try rhinestone- embellished. cat-eye. frames!.

6- Revamp your solid-coloured dress with a beautiful crystal belt.

7- The blue sapphire rings have never really gone out of fashion ever since the world laid eyes on Princess Di’s engagement ring. Get your own princess cut!

8- A diamonte-rhinestone clutch can be the perfect statement accessory you’re looking for a night out.

9- This Dolce & Gabbana rhinestone embellished hair clip is just made to tie your mane in a soft bun.

10- Feel like mixing class and rock-chic trends? Slip into gemstone platform ankle booties.