It’s a field day for fashion lovers when one of our favourite celebrities board the plane for a foreign destination, clad in their fashionable best and rendering profound styling inspiration. Few weeks back, Pakistani actress and runway queen Sunita Marshall flew off to UK, leaving some hefty style trailblazing in her wake. Here’s taking style lessons from #vacationgoals captures. 

Telephone booth bliss

Many women usually get uncomfortable (and even stressed) at the thought of having to repeat outfits. This is not only wrong on many levels but promotes reckless consumerism. And that’s why it is important for celebrities and key influencers to make “repeating outfits” a new cool and break the weird, unsaid no-repetition rule. Our girl, here is breaking into the same comfy footwear and jeans, with a plain white flowy top. Slinging on Michael Kors cross body and sunnies, she poses next to the telephone booth. Of course, a trip to England’s City of Bath is just not complete without a communal red booth picture.

Street style segue

The supermodel who is usually decked in heavy-duty make-up with the most exquisite ensembles on, takes a breather and opts for minimalism. That’s what vacations are truly about! Feeling comfortable (yet fabulous) in your own skin. She aces the casual street style with a pair of blue jeans and grey T-shirt, emanating ease. Don’t miss the white lacy detailing on the hems of her jeans and matching shoes, which serve as much-needed break from the stilettos.

Statement and stripes

Donning a red-and-black striped off-shoulder top, Sunita flaunts off a freshly bought floral necklace. You can see here how a statement neck piece fares well in lifting an otherwise casual attire.

Tie-dye livin’

Calling it a wrap to her vacations, Sunita made a trip to the beach wearing a pretty sun-soaking dress. The long sleeveless, tie-dyed dress with a lovely combination of moss green and tangerine made for a perfect pick for summer-wear.

Dreaming of dungarees

No one can pull dungarees out of fashion, irrespective of seasonal changes. Sunita climbed into a pair of casual faded blue ones, over a pair of grey t-shirt. With sunnies perched on her head and a fuss-free vacation look sorted with grace, she poses with her children. Now you know how to don the faithful dungarees and style it just right.