Best Picks

Here’s a list of reads you can add to your mighty book shelf

Small Fry
By Lisa Brennan-Jobs

This memoir from Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, is making waves already. After numerous biographies and biopics of the man himself, this memoir offers a glimpse into another facet of Jobs, and the ways in which the innovator affected the lives of those closest to him.

The Wildlands
By Abby Geni

In her sophomore novel, the author paints a family divided by more than physical destruction in the wake of a massive tornado. Three years after the disaster, orphaned siblings Darlene, Tucker, Jane, and Cora are torn apart when Tucker becomes a fanatical animal rights activist, bombing a local cosmetics factory and absconding with nine-year-old Cora. As Darlene and Jane work with the local authorities to track down their brother and sister, young Cora follows her beloved brother on a cross-country reign of terror.

Lake Success
By Gary Shteyngart

The novel revolves around Barry, a hedge fund manager who sets off on a cross-country bus trip to find his bliss, leaving behind an SEC investigation, a failed marriage, and a son recently diagnosed with autism. As his journey continues, Barry and his wife Shiva must deal with the fallout of his decisions and the realities of a life that hasn't turned out the way either of them planned.

The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock
By Imogen Hermes Gowar

In 1785’s London, sensible Jonah Hancock's fortunes take a dramatic turn when he comes into possession of the shrivelled body of a dead mermaid. The creature quickly attracts the attention of a local madame who uses it as a burlesque sideshow attraction and entwines Jonah with the shrewd and beautiful Angelica.

She Would Be King
By Wayétu Moore

Fans of Gabriel Garcia Marquez will be intrigued by this debut novel, a reimagining of Liberia's infancy in the 19th century. Centred on Gbessa, June Dey, and Norman Aragon – the trio band together, using their supernaturally-tinged abilities to resolve social tensions in the settlement of Monrovia.

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
By Hank Green

Hank Green is following in his brother John Green’s footsteps once again with his debut novel. Packed with meditations on the nature of celebrity, social media, and the cultural response to the unknown, the tale follows April, who finds herself an unwitting celebrity after making a viral video with a sculpture that turns out to have mysterious "siblings" all over the globe.