You have seen [and hated] her as Kinza in Suno Chanda, and that is enough to speak for her acting skills, even though she is a model and hostess as well. As she boards one plane after another, shooting in Europe for something exciting she doesn’t quite want to reveal, I sit down with the actress for a short and sweet chat. Excerpts:

Tell me about your early life. How were you as a kid, in school, with siblings?

Up until I was about 14, I was that one awkward extremely overweight kid that got picked on because of the way I looked. No one really wanted to hang out with me except for my best friend whom I’ve known since I was one. When I used to walk into the class, the boys would scream ‘earthquake!’ and everyone would laugh, so I pretty much dreaded [going to] school. 

Were you always inclined towards performing arts?

On stage or while I was singing or while I was painting were pretty much the only times I felt comfortable with myself. I felt like it was okay to be me, and that I was actually celebrated for being me. So yes, performing arts have always been my safe haven. 

How did you land your first acting gig?

Well, I actually come from theatre. I was 16 and was at the gym with a friend who introduced me to her cousin. She was directing a play and his female lead had fallen extremely ill, so she was looking for someone who could act and sing. I guess it was fate.

What was your first day on sets like?

I felt like I was asleep. It seemed so unreal to me. I was so happy! 

What has been the most challenging thing about being an actor so far? 

Trying to be satisfied with your own performance. It’s true what they say, ‘you are your worst critic’. 

Your last serial Suno Chanda was a massive hit. Are you in the second season announced recently?

Hey, let me maintain some level of mystery! 

How was your experience of shooting the first season? It was first of its kind as its 30 episodes went on air everyday, was it specially hectic?

It was so hectic but so worth it. [I] wouldn’t have had it any other way. When you do what you love, work doesn’t feel like work. 

Any memorable stories from the shoot?

So many moments with Zain Zaidi (make-up artist) when we’d be on the floor rolling around in hysterical fits of laughter. 

Your character Kinza had many shades, but was mostly antagonistic. Were you at the receiving end of backlash and bullying on social media because of it?

Of course, but honestly it’s such a compliment when people hate you for the way you play an antagonist. It’s how you know you’ve done your job [well]! If people didn’t hate me, I’d be worried. 

Which are some of the artistes (actors/directors/writers) you would like to work with next and why?

Everyone, they’re all so lovely. 

What other fields do you think you may dabble into in future?

If I began to list things, I don’t think I could ever stop [laughs] 

What qualities about you make you different as an actor?

I can't be fake [even] if I want to. 

Do you have a dream role?

I would like [to portray] Baloo from The Jungle Book! 

Antagonist or protagonist?

Either, as long as the character is challenging, realistic and well-rounded. 

Who inspires you as an actor?

Not even going to lie, Ali Ansari (fellow actor). The guy is the best performer I’ve seen. When I’m about to perform, I think to myself, ‘WWAD – what would Ali do?’ 

I'm sure the readers would like to know if your Kinza has found her Arsal yet in real life. What's happening on that front?

Well, I mean Arsal and Jiya took a lot of time to realise that they loved each other. I think I am a little quicker at that. 

What are you working on next?

I just finished shooting in Europe, so stay tuned.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Wherever He thinks it’s best for me to be! •