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  • 29 Sep - 05 Oct, 2018
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Poutine a dish originating from the Canadian province of Quebec, consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy. The dish emerged in the late 1950s in the Centre-du-Québec area and has long been associated with the cuisine of Quebec. For many years, it was negatively perceived and mocked, and even used as a means of stigmatization against Quebec society. Later, poutine became celebrated as a symbol of Québécois cultural pride, and its rise in prominence led to popularity outside the province, especially in the rest of Central Canada and in the Northeastern United States. Many variations on the original recipe are popular, leading some to suggest that poutine has emerged as a new dish classification in its own right, just like sandwiches, dumplings, soups, and flatbreads. A typical serving of poutine provides approximately 950 calories; 50g of fat, 19g of protein, 100g of carbohydrates, 60mg of cholesterol and 1,150mg of sodium.