Wishful Thinking! - Punjabi Film Shooting!

Pity her really! Wasn’t exposed to this kind of loud invective! She wanted to watch how a Punjabi film is shot in this neck of the woods!

Well, Soodi Butt (nickname for Masood Butt; not actually in the habit of taking sood or interest on black money!) was incidentally shooting for his new Punjabi film, at the Evernew Studio, and being a good-hearted maker, he obliged for the new US Consul General, Lahore!

I mean, who in his or her right mind, would want to watch the shooting of a Punjabi film these days, when film-makers are booking bungalows to make multi-million rupee Urdu films and TV serials? But, after Trump won the US elections, my gosh, jo barhkein woh maar raha hai, they beat the legendary barhak badshah, Mazhar Shah hollow! So, the female bureaucrat naturally felt the need to watch a Punjabi film being shot! And why won’t Soodi Butt love it? He said, “lakh wari jee aaya noo, madam saheba!”

Interestingly, the film Butt Saheb was shooting is titled Peshi Gujjaran Dee! After all, with the Noon leadership presenting themselves in the court twice every week, these days, the peshi culture is very much in! So, very symbolic, indeed, and pretty meaningful. It’s said that the young and pretty, Colleen Crenwelge, and the former US consul, Elizabeth Kennedy enjoyed the opening of the film, and gave a clap for it. Sadly, no lacha kurta dances for her! No cavorting dehati dosheeza was shooting that day! No Anjuman or Saima there now, or Rahi or Qureishi to wow the audiences! She came twenty years too late to this country!

Why not shoot a Punjabi film in the new city, then? Yeah, Jutt and Trump in White House!