Ishq Tamasha - Monotony Mom?

Whatever happened in the last episode of Ishq Tamasha is reserved for all climax chapters. But, an almost all-women serial ended on the verdict that eventually a woman was responsible for the breaking of a lively household!

Ishq Tamasha was the story of happy family. Except for Wahaj (Furqan Qureishi), the only brother, the family was full of women… a mother (Saba Faisal), a khala amman (Rehana Akhter), three daughters, and an adopted girl. Two twists from the scribe, Misbah Naureen, some good direction from Danish Nawaz, and you had a thriving, hangama-khez drama serial on your hands!

Now, the problem was this: the writer had a great idea; he even created good characters, which is rare these days! Sadly, he was unaware that characters must also evolve through the serial!

The vital character of the serial, the sordid lower middle-class mother (lower mcm), played as well as allowed by the writer and director, by Saba Faisal, had no character evolution. The lower mcm of the first frame of the serial continued unchanged till the last episode. Te recalcitrant mom of the serial made life hell for all her siblings, and very predictably, in the climactic episode, she was brought to her senses by the death of her daughter, Rushna, played admittedly with a lot of flair for a debutant, Kinza Hashmi.

One notes that each one of the characters was portrayed capably by all the actors. Junaid Khan, Faizan Khwaja, Kinza Hashmi, Aiman Khan, Lubna Aslam, Saba Faisal, Rehana Akhter, Alizeh, Furqan Qureishi et al. Not one bad performance; which was why the serial retained its ratings. But, the monotony of Saba’s one-tone, under-developed role hit you point blank, if you followed the serial.