Ad Watch - Max Points!

Well, the green tikya never had it so good! The cutest pixie on drama television, Sajal Ali, and the fellow voted amongst the 100 best-looking stars, Imran Abbas, together! What more do you want for a soap opera?

Sajal is really flying high these days. What with those net rumours about her and Ahad Reza Mir! Her happy smile surely gives her the glow. And she appears wonderful in most places, whether it’s a serial, an ad, or a biz gathering. In this ad, Sajal is at her best; chamakta chehra, damakta roop! Stars come dancing into the kitchen, and the cleansing takes priority. It’s not just the crockery that’s gleaming, but the pair as well. Yeah, it’s all about the dish, and the dish-washer!

You can say it’s really the rub of the green! The well-known punchline, “Max long bar mera hero” echoes in the kitchens, as the stars twinkle in the gleaming utensils!