Six trendsetting ways to accessorise

New York Fashion Week escalated to an arresting close this month, but it has heightened the flair for fashion across borders with its trendsetting craft. The season’s designer powerhouses delivered as per promise; an extraordinary manifestation of fashion which goes on to redefine haute couture for all. The New York Fashion Week serves as a major influencer for the industry on a global scale. Here is looking at the handbags and accessories that set the stage for fashion divas.

1. Of Charms and Medallions

Charms refuse to limit themselves to necklaces and bracelets anymore, even showing up as long, linear earrings. And while these are assembled by the designer, not the wearer, they still have a highly personal feel.

2. Return of the choker

Chokers made a fashion resurgence few seasons back, but disappeared as abruptly as they came. They made a stunning return on the New York runway, but in an entirely reinvented form. The retro silhouette is back, with dressier pearl-and-gold versions. The leather strip of yesteryears in bolder styles command attention. It is the return of the chokers!

3. Earring the statement

Thank the selfie culture for this one, for it has ensured statement earrings will never go away, as they frame a face and photo perfectly. Designers continue to drum up new ways to present them, from bold free-form metal styles to ombré beaded styles to the increasingly popular woven crochet. Single earrings remain runway darlings, although a tougher sell in real life.

4. The Chain Story

Big metallic link chains are being glinted across the runway in many incarnations, even in printed fabric. From thinner choker styles to earring dangles, keep a lookout for links. Chain belts are also making a resurgence.

5. The new hoop

Hoops made a quantum leap and have been sported around the fashion circles, but this season they undergo some reinvention. Meet the new hoop, as they continue to go strong, showing up in more creative ways. From spiral-inspired styles studded with pearls to front-facing thin styles, there was a magnificent abundance of them on the runway.

6. Sea songs and beads

With a touch of corals and sea theme, emerges more exploitation with the sea shell and pearls. Either stranded together with more beads or materials, sea shells pinned in earrings, pearl garlands or used in a myriad of ways as accessories were a pretty sight.