Midas Touch

Glory is in gold. Like Midas touch, any hue which meddles with this jewel colour becomes extraordinary. Meddle in the vivacious hints of vermillion, burnt orange, violet and turquoise, layered intricately with floral gold promises. The power of throwback and vintage is brought back to life, as feline models don on the traditional garbs. Broad borders etched in gotta, floral garlands with a jewelled sheen and heavy embellishments assume roles of cultural storytelling. Heavy ornaments and exquisite jewellery enunciate the traditional beauty. Be it the majestic embroidery, classic silhouettes or richness of the jewel colours laid out on pure fabrics, the designer’s collection echoes tradition, through and through. Grandiose yet contemporary aesthetic is showcased through attires which cash on gold mastery, tapping into the richness of heritage. Accessories in the shape of ingeniously made bangles and statement earrings stay true to the essence of exuberant bridal wear. It’s every bride’s dream come true in the form of ornamental atelier.

Designer: Huma Adnan
Hair, make-up, styling & photography: Akif Ilyas
Models: Sara Khan & Noor Khan