Why Kubra chose to opt out of a Bollywood movie

You might or might not know that Kubra Khan had signed a Bollywood film Welcome 2 Karachi where she was to play the role of a Pakistani Muslim girl, but since the writer and script changed midway – while Kubra was also asked to do an item number – the actress chose to opt out of the movie.

“The reason why I chose to not pursue Bollywood was mainly due to a contractual issue on the sets of Welcome 2 Karachi, and luckily, I was smart enough to stipulate what I will and won’t do in the contract,” Kubra explained. “Item number was one thing that I told them I won’t do – I was saying ‘Mein Item Number Nahi Karoongi’ from the start. My character in the film was Pakistani and Muslim, so I didn’t want to portray them in a different light.”

Adding further she said, “Another thing was that I won't say anything against Pakistan as I want to represent the country with respect.”