Ad-Watch - Menu Kee?!

They say Shehzad Sheikh is taking way too long in reaching the stage that his handsome father attained in his showbiz career! That he doesn’t have the beginning that Javed Sheikh had with Shama and Ankahi. That his father used to turn pretty heads whenever he entered any mehfil. But, ‘they’ forget that Javed was as bony and thin as Shehzad is now. At the beginning, his debut film, Ibn-e-Safi’s Dhamaka hit rock bottom in 1973! That he was introduced as a model in commercials, from where he was picked up as a TV artiste. It was much later that he became the debonair playboy that he was known as. Shehzad is now getting into his stride, with serials like Chhotee see Zindagi and Ghar Titlee ka Par. And in this ad, he shows he has the looks and expressions to make a good model, too!

Ramsha Khan cajoled him in the first such ad, and Hina Bayat orders him in the second. But, Shehzad behaves as if Menu kee?! We thought Hum cooked up good serials, but it now comes through that they are now delivering as many goods on your threshold with errand boys from the Mart! Women always make a big deal out of small items. With this kind of prompt delivery, the ladies of the house cannot create melodrama out of a simple menu!