Aatish - Hoping for Real Drama!

Focus seems to be the problem with Azzfer Rehman, when you talk of acting!

He is nice looking, has a healthy expression, and a nice temperament. Yet, when you see him in a piece of drama, he looks, somehow, out of sync. He looks too casual, almost to the point of lack of any emphasis, whether it is emotion or delivery. He seems to not commit himself. His expression hardly ever changed from scene to scene. That’s why he couldn’t make any impact on the viewers, and was not getting any good serials.

But all of that has changed in Teri Meri Kahani, where the new model girl, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak came into his life. Understanding for the first time that his khilandra mood and personality should take a back seat, and he must play the role he has been given, Azzfer, at least, looked concerned, and at times, pensive enough to fit the bill!

But, in Aatish, he is really looking the part. He is paired with a beautiful, young kid, Hina Altaf, who does well in light-hearted roles, as in Paglee, but has to learn a lot about drama. Azzfer and Hina, both are trying to make a name for themselves as drama artistes. As the serial goes along, and a dark secret unfolds, they will be needed to portray various shades of suspense and romance. The audiences will come to know what is the Aatish factor in this episode. Hope they can turn up the volumes of expression and delivery to make it a top digit this last quarter of 2018!