San Francisco’s de Young museum showcases Muslim fashion

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On show at the de Young Museum, contemporary Muslim fashions presents 80 examples of women's garments and ensembles that span from haute couture to streetwear and sports apparel.

This exhibition in San Francisco provides a snapshot of today’s Muslim fashion across the world, from luxury evening wear to the controversial Nike hijab and ‘burkini’ designs.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF) organised the overdue exploration of the topic to dispel assumptions and stereotypes about this widespread demographic, and underline its importance to the fashion industry.

Max Hollein, former FAMSF director and CEO, said, “Contemporary Muslim Fashions is an overdue, much-needed exploration of a multifaceted topic as yet largely unexplored by museums. This exhibition stands out in our long history of outstanding fashion exhibitions and will shed light onto larger political, social, and cultural understandings and misunderstandings.”