Malala on a roll!

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Education activist Malala Yousafzai has been in news these days for two prime that are sure to leave her haters envy the young fighter’s dream life. Firstly, she has been turned into art by an Iranian-born artist and film-maker Shirin Neshat. The portrait is installed at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Secondly, she has penning her year-long experiences at the Oxford University for British Vogue’s November issue.

Neshat expressed her feelings when photographing Malala and said, “I knew of Malala as an extraordinary young woman who had marvelled the world by her victory over death; her fierce fight for women’s education rights and for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, all before she turned 20 years old. It was impossible not to feel intimidated.”

Another portrait of the 21-year-old activist will be unveiled at Birmingham Museums in 2020, part of the National Portrait Gallery’s Coming Home initiative.

But it isn’t just her portrait that has people talking. She will be spotted shining bright in the upcoming issue of British Vogue as she opened up about her experience studying at Oxford University.

Sharing news about the 21-year-old’s contribution to the magazine, the publication’s editor-in-chief Edward Enniful wrote: “Speaking of inspiration, Malala Yousafzai has written exclusively for Vogue about her first year at university. As she returns to Oxford this month, I could not be more proud to have this wonderful young woman — who became a global figurehead for educational rights six years ago when the Taliban attempted to kill her simply because she wanted to go to school — on our pages.”