• 13 Oct - 19 Oct, 2018
  • Malaeka Amir


The Cool Kids is shot in a retirement home where having lost one of their most important squad members Jerry, Hank (David Alan Grier), Charlie (Martin Mull) and Sid (Leslie Jordan) sit at the table reserved for them, trying to find a replacement for him. Before they can come to an effective solution, however, Margaret (Vicki Lawrence) steals their dear friend’s seat, shocking the trio by not only disrespecting the honour they had given to their friend but also by refusing to budge. Before she had entered the scene, though, the three had been planning to throw a party for their deceased mate in order to make his funeral match his party-animal personality. Sid and Charlie are definitely more accepting of her than Hank who’s, you could say, the Regina George of the group with his “You can’t sit with us!” attitude and attention-hungry personality. The trio does eventually accept the troublesome new member after she throws a party in memory of Jerry out of pity, as she had seen the gang’s failed attempts at doing so. 

The comedy is soft but still manages to get a few laughs with the randomness of the characters; Charlie’s never-ending incidents make you wonder just how much the man had been through, while Sid’s rather soft-spoken but still brash comments. Margaret’s character is portrayed very — her bold and impulsive actions turn situations for the best. 

It’s a great show with a tremendous cast and considerably decent humour.

Rating: 3Stars


Starring God Friended Me is Brandon Michael Hall as Miles Finer, an atheist podcaster who receives a friend request from peculiar user ‘God’ on Facebook. Things go haywire once he accepts the request and suddenly… God has the power to suggest people on Facebook? 

The first suggestion is John Dove, whom Miles saves from committing suicide. The second suggestion is Cara Bloom (Violett Beane), a journalist struggling to find inspiration to write. It’s then Miles decides that he has had enough of the games God’s playing with him and he approaches Bloom who helps him and Rakesh (Suraj Sharma), Miles’ best friend (or his only friend) who’s coincidentally a hacker. Together, the trio tries to piece together the puzzle with only God’s Facebook account as a hint. Not only does this user have the ability to suggest friends, but they can also hack into Miles’ thermostat and raise the temperature to a boiling 100 degrees, just to give him a little glance of what hell would be like, I presume. The show has messed up big time at several places, an ungodly mess you could say, pun intended.

Perhaps the only thing keeping the show alive is the characters. Rakesh has to be my favourite, with his random humour which kept me from wincing and cringing at the unpalatable pilot. From what I have observed, God Friended Me couldn’t get any more stereotypical than it already is. It’s literally covering all of those pointers that every single I-Don’t-Believe-In-God-But-Fifty-Seconds-Later-I-Just-Might show has. Not to mention, the writers really need to cook up jokes that would actually make people laugh. The characters, I feel, aren’t expressed well at all. There’s also no actual flow in the episode, just a bunch of scenes haphazardly mixed together to create an episode. 

I hope to see changes and improvisations by the next episode since it does have some sort of potential.

Rating: 2Stars


Jake (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Claire (Amber Stevens West), both 30, could easily be mistaken as a couple from the 1990’s. Jake, the accountant of a famous star Cooper James (Felix Mallard), who strangely reminds me of Harry Styles a lot, is living an ordinary life, in his ordinary home, in an ordinary place. Guess who comes to Cooper’s mind when he’s running from the paparazzi after his publicised breakup? It’s Jake, of course! The pilot is basically designed around the couple’s day spent with Cooper who tries his best to fit into their lifestyle that’s way different than his own. 

Happy Together is made funny with the persistent endeavours of Claire and Jake, which succeed in making the viewers laugh. That, paired with another character’s inability of hearing words accurately and the couple’s hobby of making cheesy, funny answering machine messages make the sitcom all the more funnier. 

It’s obvious that the duo is genuinely happy together; it is apparent with their chemistry between them. This is a great show with a great vibe!

Rating: 3Stars