• 13 Oct - 19 Oct, 2018
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Laddu or laddoo are sphere-shaped sweets originated in the Indian subcontinent and Nepal. They are made of flour, ghee/butter/oil and sugar with other ingredients that vary by recipe, like chopped nuts or dried raisins. They are often served at festive or religious occasions. Common flours used for laddu include gram flour (chickpea flour), wheat semolina and ground coconut. These are combined with sugar and other flavourings, cooked in ghee and molded into a ball shape. Some recipes, including methi laddoo, multigrain and raisin laddoo are also prepared using medicinal ingredients. Nuts such as pistachios and almonds are commonly stuffed into these balls. The largest individual laddoo weighs 29,465 kg (64,959.21 lb) and was made by PVVS Mallikharjuna Rao in Tapeswaram, Andhra Pradesh, India on 6 September 2016. It was made to a traditional boondi recipe. The ingredients included ghee, refined oil, cashew nuts, sugar, almonds, cardamom and water.