• 13 Oct - 19 Oct, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Chachajee offers traditional cuisine comprising of chats, pani puri, biryani, BBQ and much more. At the Dolmen Mall Clifton food court, however, it enjoys unprecedented popularity for being the only outlet that serves the kind of food it does. It has recently launched a new deal for two that consists of two naanwiches with drinks. Intrigued by the name, I headed to the food court to give it a try. Each naanwich is made with two big, juicy reshmi kebabs. The idea basically is to make a sandwich out of naans; they have used heavy pita bread for the purpose, most likely so that it can hold the fillings, and serve it shaped like a taco. The naanwich is so huge that I couldn’t really have it on the spot, fearing that there might be a fallout. The kebab that it comes with, is soft and incredibly tasteful! I was especially happy with the more-than-generous servings of onions, tomatoes and mayo inside. It is seasoned with mild hot spices but they don’t ruin the overall taste. I also ordered their traditional thali, a combination of Bihari boti, chicken ginger, boneless chicken biryani, chicken handi along with naan, parathas and drinks. This was a medium-sized thali with serving sizes enough to feed three people. Usually not a fan of restaurant-cooked biryani, I loved theirs for it had mild notes of spices and was chatpati. The handi, as expected, was creamy and tasted awesome with roghni naans that were soft even after being placed in the fridge. The Bihari boti had a creamy marination of spices on the outside and was tender and had a kick of spices inside. The thali is also served with salad and raita, and for the amount charged, it is one of the best options out of the food court.

Location: Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi
Average cost for 2: PKR 700-800 approx.


The taste is one of its strong elements; you will lick your fingers clean!


Go on weekdays so that you can find decent place and a considerably peaceful ambience to dine in.


Since the outlet is in a food court, it is operated on self-service. But the staff at the counter is courteous when taking order, and that helps!


Even with the way naanwich looks, they wrap it in a way that it doesn’t look unappealing. But the thali is a sight to behold! 


For the serving sizes that Chachajee offers, this is a safe, easy-on-the-pocket, and a delicious option that everyone can enjoy.