Less is more

A look at minimalist fashion and its basics

The ‘minimalist’ fashion vernacular has become more of a cliché, but is backed with good reasoning; when minimalism is done with sleek, it renders more profound impact than the loudest of the outfits. Layering, piling and experimentation with colours can be as fun (and vogue-friendly) as keeping things low-key, clean and streamlined. When it comes to minimalist fashion, less is indeed more. This also makes for easier, fuss-free mornings and save your cash hoard. Here are the basics to bear in mind.

Living in the monochrome

Monochromatic wardrobe have endless perks. While the black and whites remain to be the dominant colours; accent colours tend to be be grey, navy or blush. In the spring and choose a trusted pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and your favourite slides. When falls comes, a stunning minimal look is a camel coat, an oversized sweater, and some wear-everywhere black boots.

Avoid the mundane

Some minimal attires can be passed off as boring; the trick to making minimal outfits look elevated is to not shy from colours. If you stick to streamlined silhouettes, bold solid colours like fuchsia and chartreuse can easily fit within a minimalist wardrobe.

Tailoring is Key

Something as simple as a white T-shirt can look surprisingly different depending on the cut. Interesting cuts are what elevates your minimalist style to something special – a boxy cut makes your tee anything but basic; flared sleeves give your white blouse some drama.

Accessories help

A minimalist-must is having a black coat and a black leather handbag at the ready. The choice of shoe wear should rest on basic flats, slides or pumps, again in neutral colours – comfortable and fuss free. The jewellery is kept simple yet personal – solitaire diamond earrings; a thin gold necklace with a tiny pendant; delicate rings. No chunky cocktail rings or necklaces emblazoned with your name work here!

Capsulation rule

Many people start their minimal fashion journey with a capsule wardrobe because it puts specific parameters around how many items they can have and a time limit on it. The limits force you to really think about the items you love, and more seriously consider their quality and versatility than you might have in the past, and even if you start getting bored with certain items as the capsule season nears its end, you can look forward to pulling out fresh items from storage at the end of it.