Letters To The Editor

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– Albert Einstein

The burden under heavy school bag

It was uncommon to hear about children complaining about backaches years back, but now previously unheard concerns are raised causing one to reflect over schooling circumstances. The heavy school bags that children are bound to carry to school every day have birthed conditions like backache, neck strain and posture deformity. Educational institutions should reformulate their lesson plan, so that the young should be able to carry considerably lesser load in shape of course books to school. A lot of fault also lies with the alliance between foreign book publishers and the administration of elite private schools. To get commission, the administrations provide a list to parents with the direction to buy books and stationery from particular shops. I suggest that all parents should get together and request the government to frame strict legislation in this respect.

Almirah Sheikh,

Charity without consent?

There has been dissent and much hue and cry amongst several government workers after amounts were deducted from their salaries in the name of dam collection. The workers and staff claim that no consent was sought from them for this “forced” charity and they only got to know about once the deduction were made. This raises an alarming question, which law did the provincial government felt compelled to deduct salaries of the workers without any prior notification? Also, is it ethical, professional or even just to carry out such practices in the name of ‘national service’? Moreover, it can also be rationalised as an illegal practice as the salary deducted for particular days can also be treated as forced labour which is prohibited under article 11(2) of the constitution.

Zarar Ujal,

Lahore Stray dogs

As of late, the number of stray dogs seem to have increased considerably. Some time back the authorities stooped to quite inhumane elimination of these creature by feeding them poisoned meat or shooting them, which is blatant savagery. Despite the presence of stray dogs proving dangerous to human, it is very wrong to proceed with their brutal elimination. The authorities should set up rehab centers to take them in. There should be a plan to humanely handle the matter and save the human populace from unnecessary exposure.

Rehmat Ashar,

Electricity woes

Many people in Pakistan go hours on end without any electricity and this situation does not seem to improve, despite three government changes. Even now, the power can go at any time, without any warnings, and if you do not have a UPS or a generator, then you are doomed to wait for a long time before you can even turn on a fan, which in the current climate, is akin to torture. While the elites stay in power, there seems to be no possible solution to this crisis, as power outages are an issue for the disenfranchised and the forgotten poor population of the country. However, instead of providing people with the relief that they so obviously crave, after years suffering through these terrible conditions, the government has just announced an electricity price hike of almost 2.4 rupees per unit. It seems as power outages grow longer, so does the electricity bills in what world does that make sense?

Adam Bin Shoaib,