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Can any chatpati grapewine column afford not to begin with one of Meera’s items? Not possible!

We begin with Meera, then. Her latest epithet is the Pizza Girl! Yep, the bundle of surprises from withering Lollywood has decided to open a pizza joint. On top of that, the moment rupiyah just gave a semblance of exchanging hands, Meera and her brother began to see red, and came to fisticuffs! Hope, he is not that brother of Meera, much loved by Laila, who was supposedly saved by the sister from the clutches of the afore-mentioned heroine!

Come to think of it, if Meera darling pronounced ‘pete-zah’ as pizza, the customers may find the pieces as something entirely different from the worldwide favourite food items!

There are some khush fehem hazraat on the net, who have the cheek to ask her if she would marry again? Quite brusque, one may say, because Hadiqa, being a single mother, can’t afford to get a new father to her adopted son! “They think women can’t face the world on their own, so why not have a mard on your side!” Yeah, male chauvinists! Besuray, in common lingo. Single mothers like Hadiqa and Mahira should beware of these net singularities!

Umm, now, of course, Shaan Shahid playing Mirza Ghalib! Not sounding over cautious, I’d say, there’s a bad history behind Mirza Nausha being portrayed on the silver screen. First, it was Bharat Bhushan who played Ghalib in a 1954 film, where he seemed like an expressionless old man, who won’t even know Asad from Ghalib, what to talk of a sha’ir from a tuk band! Then came our own Ghalib, in 1961, with quite a bulge behind his banyan! Nazuk khayali ka to sawal hee paida naheen hota tha! I am sure, Shaan will look and sound much better than those! Buss, zara khayal rakhna yaar!