Peta Murgatroyd’s Diet

We all know Peta Murgatroyd, the famous dancer from Dancing with the Stars who loves to show as some moves, but little did we know that she used to hate cooking a lot! But all that changed after her son Shai was born in 2017 January. She decided to learn how to cook to ensure that her baby’s food is always healthy and unprocessed.

But between taking care of a baby and managing her own schedule, Murgatroyd doesn’t always eat at normal mealtimes. According to her she has to be flexible with her line of work. If she has an early swimsuit shoot at 7 a.m. she won’t be having her usual breakfast or can even manage the time for it. One thing from her diet always stays usual and never changes, that is her coffee. Peta Murgatroyd cannot seem to start her day without a strong cup of coffee, moreover she follows a healthy lifestyle to stay fit! Let’s find out her daily eating habits and secrets to stay fit and healthy.


Murgatroyd is always hydrated! The secret to her hydrated skin is 2.5 litres of water every day. According to her, increasing the intake of water can help you stay fit, freshens up your skin and keep you lighter throughout the day.


As her morning kick starts with a cup of coffee her breakfast routine is healthy too, it includes omelette with four eggs, a handful of goat cheese, five slices of smoked salmon, capers and dill. According to her dancing routines, she needs to stay fit and energetic and eating a good chunk in the morning is what it takes to start with an active day!


The dancer’s lunch is about salads. To lift up the day with a cup of grilled chicken, two tomatoes, half a cucumber, red onion, dill and a flaxseed-oil-and-balsamic-vinegar dressing is all about her daily routine’s lunch. She usually switches chicken with fish fillets to have maximum amount of protein in her diet.


This celebrity snacking is all fruity. The secret of her glowing fresh skin! To fill her vitamins’ needs, her snack includes a bowl of raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, every day.


She keeps her dinners light and easy on the stomach. Her dinner main course includes five oz. steak with dry seasoning with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts with cranberries and balsamic vinegar. She also advices not to take heavy portions of foods in the night, as it gets difficult to digest, and cause health troubles.


Because Desserts always have a special place in the hearts. The celebrity dancer eats Greek yogurt with dried mango for her dessert followed by a cup of any herbal green tea or mint tea.

Her total calorie intake throughout the day is roughly 1,747. Which are healthy with exercises and a tough workout routine.

Murgatroyd gives her meals good “forethought,” which can be the difference between grabbing something quick and unhealthy because it’s nearby or enjoying that steak. Her protein-rich breakfast gives her a great start for the day. Murgatroyd’s steak and cruciferous vegetable dinner packs in more protein, while avoiding sugary sauces or glazes. And her dessert is the perfect choice before bedtime, as the yogurt contains magnesium, known for its sleep-promoting qualities.