Sofia Richie not a jealous soul

If people think that Sofia Richie, 20, is jealous of of the time Scott Disick still spends with his ex Kourtney Kardashian, 39, they are wrong because Sofia is totally chill about the whole thing! “Sofia knew exactly what she was getting into when she started dating Scott. She understands that Scott had another life, and a family, before they started dating,” a source close to Sofia said. “Sofia is very confident in her relationship with Scott and realises his kids come first. She trusts him completely and has no issue with Scott travelling with Kourtney, as long as it’s always for their children,” they added.

In fact, Scott’s A-plus parenting skills only strengthen his relationship with Sofia. “One of the things that actually attracted Sofia to Scott was what a great father he is to his kids,” the source continued, saying, “Sofia understands that Kourtney will always be in Scott’s life, and as long as he is always open and honest with her about where he and Kourtney stand, she has no problem with the time they spend.”