Ghar Titlee ka Par - Climax, But Not the End!

To tell you the truth, this was one of the most followed serials this year! It was the trending serial, and lots of people watched it online, in case the episode were missed on TV. I know of a girl who watched its seven episodes in a day after returning from abroad. Still, I’d say that its climax was as ephemeral as of the soapsuds in a bath tub!

Typical of the climaxes of our drama serials this bi-millennial, it can be summed up as “they lived happily ever after”!

Seems, the writers of such serials are not living in the same world we inhabit. The ratings of Ghar Titlee ka Par (GTKP) improved because it was an evolving story. The character, Anjee is known to all households. Sanam Chaudhry has worked brilliantly in GTKP and Ab Dekh Khuda Kya Karta Hai (ADKKKH). But, the climax proves that the writer, Samra Bukhari, wanted to appease the audience by showing that every sinner meets a fitting end! Sorry, chaps, I can’t digest that!

For an incredibly foxy lady like Anjee, with panch lakh in her kitty from her first husband, and half a success story with Aazar smouldering in her mind, would she lie low in her house, taking all the flack from those, who she can play around with her little finger? Believe me, Anjee would be out there, in some other mohallah, flirting with some other CEO of a private firm, spinning a spider’s net within the next few months, and getting more than her share from the company!

Similarly, Aazar’s estranged wife, rather than returning to her ‘slow’ and ‘lost’ husband, should have been seen to nurture her son as a dignified individual. Instead, she comes back to a male chauvinist, ad throws all her rights into the bin!

Both girls, Anjee and Shafaq were well-evolved, and then sunk in the sink, for no rhyme or reason! For one thing, just imagine, why can’t we have drama sequels, like film sequels? I mean, imagine, if we have Anjee now shifting to some other city, in a sequel, catching other characters in other homes? Isn’t that happening in the world, all the time?