A fashionable library to the rescue

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For some people, especially young, going to a job interview can be expensive. You need appropriate clothes and a case or handbag to hold your resume and other documents. But if you live in New York, there’s a help, as the New York Public Library is making sure you dress to impress in all your interviews.

The NY Riverside Library has rolled out a ‘Grow up Work Fashion Library’, which lends out neckties, handbags and briefcases to responsible patrons. Michelle Lee, who has initiated the idea within the library, said that the goal is to help anyone with limited resources to get clothing and accessories for interviews, graduations and other ‘business-like occasions’.

Lee started out as giving career advices and making young people prepared for their part-time jobs or interviews, but it stepped up after the addition of a little fashion. The fashion library was created to help young people but it's open to any adult who wants to borrow a tie or a bag. Adults and teens can also check out the library's online career-advancement pages, which include job-search databases, workshops on mock interviewing tips and other resources.