26 Cooking Tricks to steal from the World’s Best Chefs

(Part 1)
  • 20 Oct - 26 Oct, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery

Hone your knife skills

Always keep your fingers tucked in on your non-dominant hand, using your upper knuckles to guide your knife as you slice. If your finger tips are tucked in, you can’t ever cut them! And for the highest degree of control, hold the knife by the blade, pinching the bottom of the blade between your thumb and the side of your forefinger. Grip your middle, ring, and pinky fingers around the handle for support, and avoid laying your forefinger over the spine of the knife. – Sydney Willcox, culinary instructor at The Brooklyn Kitchen

Don’t Forget the Garnish

To make an impression on your guests, throw a simple garnish on your finished platter: micro-greens are easy and beautiful, or take an element from the dish, such as whole herb sprigs or extra spice, and add just a small amount to create a pop for the eye. — Robert William, chef at Food and Stuffing’s, NY

Blend Better

Always put your liquids in your blender first - water, juice, broths - and then load your more solid ingredients - veggies, leafy greens, fruits. This takes stress off your blender motor, and as the blade spins, your ingredients are more easily pulled down into the blender vessel making the blends more consistent, smooth, and creamy. — Nina Curtis, executive chef at The Ranch, Malibu.