Table To Book
  • 20 Oct - 26 Oct, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, D.H.A Phase 6, Karachi.
Average cost for 2: PKR 2,500 approx.

Flanked by a couple of eateries on the gastronomically-popular Shahbaz Lane, Mocca promises gourmet delicacies and fine patisserie. After appealing to vast clientele in Islamabad and Lahore, the eatery chain opened its doors to Karachittes in late 2016. Now running for its second year in the south metropolitan, the acclaimed cafe speaks through its bustling premises as I enter for early dinner. Cashing on minimalist Scandinavian theme, the eatery’s crisp-white walls, almost-white leatherette chairs and wooden interiors are soothing to the eye. A pristine counter a-topped with clocks features time zones from the globe. Bright French macaroons enclosed in glass container are perhaps the only colours in sight. Having visited Mocca earlier in 2017 I remember the eatery only offering assortments of sandwiches. Skimming through their current menu, I could tell that they have substantially extended it. From soups-and-snacks I went for the experimental-sounding Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Basil Soup, which arrived shortly along with soft, fresh bake. Unlike the conventionally-tangy tomato soup, this one was had a smokey flavour to it, with just the right consistency. Visibly swirling, dried basil tweaked the flavour deliciously. From the main course, I opted for Shataki Beef Steak, Pasta Pioquant and Chicken Mezza Luna. Beef steak came swathed in gooey brown sauce which kicked savoury notes in taste buds, packing little spice, tying flavours well together. However, I found the beef to be slightly charred, but not much to ruin the dish. I was sceptic about the curiously alien-green pasta, but to my surprise it made for a standout dish from the specials sections. The creamy pasta was tinged with grinded spinach, each morsel rich in sliced olives and jalapenos. Definitely a highlight! It was the last recommendation by our waiter, who insisted we also order Mezza Luna, that didn’t fare well. A customised Calzone with unexciting Mediterranean veggies and chicken filling was below average. Even its wheat crust tasted like undone roti. The second dinner highlight was dessert called ‘Forget-About-Molten-Lava-Cake' Brownie Melt, which soothed taste buds with its Swiss chocolate ganache and delectable brownie crunch.

TASTE 4 Stars

With the exception of chef-recommended Mezza Luna, all dishes made for a relishing meal, each packing distinct flavours, with perfect balance of spicy and savoury.

AMBIENCE 4.5 Stars

After taste, Mocca’s Scandinavian-inspired ambience is one of its gravitating areas. Conical lamps keep the place well lit. However, owing to its spacious and clutter-free area, every sound is amplified making the eatery an echoing chamber. It can get very noisy during business hours.


Nothing exceptional here. The staff is unobtrusive, offering to help only when reached out. During busy hours, you may have to wait longer.


It would be a shame for a pretty eatery like Mocca to slack on its food presentation. Thankfully, it doesn’t. Food is presented aesthetically.


Qualifying for an upscale eatery, prices are kept high here. With the exception of the breakfast menu, all sections are priced marginally elevated. But Mocca serves a niche, which is here to pay for it.