Fresh catch from the runway

Fashion Pakistan Week is gone with the wind, but its haute hits are here to redefine fashion vernaculars and dominate sartorial choices for the entire ongoing season. From the midst of several misses and a few hits showcased on the latest runway show, we handpick the trends that are forecasted to stay for long and be worn.

Pop-out embellishments

Fun and funk is all in the glitz. A heavily embellished outfit can be grouchy and overwhelming at times, but it can certainly win if it’s done right. Details are woven onto the fabric using glinting sequences, cluster of hundreds of beats, sparkling stones and threads, in a pattern which is not nonsensical. The key to pulling off pop-out embellishment is to stray away from the scatterbrain designs. Pop-out overdose is certainly something we would wish to see more of.

Lopsided collars

Definitely the strongest trend coming out of the fashion show was the raw silk ensembles with tampered collars, which were far from the average. Raw silk wear with clean cut sleeves, pinched and belted at the waist echoed minimal glam. Lopsided collars draped around the neck in a self-important, corporate luxe fashion had us reeling.

Motif magic

Bespoke contemporary silhouette, with clean cuts and a majestic motif at its apex, does the right talking. The elegance of a plain minimalist attire is accentuated by the placement of a single, big motif, drawing a fine line between sublime-grandiosity and minimalism. The runway declares that large, blown-out gold motifs work wonderfully well against black. See it for yourself.

Gotta gimmick

The shiny lure of gold and silver gotta has a certain throwback quality and old-world charm which never fails to leave an impression. It was an ode to the vintage and old-school with gotta-ed attires on the runway. Glimmering gotta tailed the borders of long dupattas, drew elaborate necklines, broadened in glitzy fashion on the hemlines and zigzagged across the shalwars.