Tech Review

As components become cheaper every single day, and the smartphone accessories market gets more crowded, there’s a lot of things going on across the spectrum when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. More affordable alternatives are trying interesting things with their feature set and design to stand out. One such product, the F&D W8, landed up recently. In terms of overall size, the W8 follows the trend of recent pocket-friendly Bluetooth speakers. It connects and works efficiently with any of your smartphones. The W8 has been designed friendly to stand a ground. The exterior sports a transparent polygon design made almost entirely out of plastic that is meant to showcase the colours that the LED lights on the speaker glow with. It has all the buttons under the device to maintain the sleek look. It works without distortion and the charging time is quite reliable. W8’s focuses on the treble and sub-bass and also supports Aux-input and micro-SD card as input.