Sorry - A Love Story

The film marks the return of Faysal Quraishi to films

Here comes an end to a long waiting. Faysal Quraishi has finally announced his venture into films again… after the lapse of 18 years. Sorry – A Love Story, being directed by one of the finest directors of Pakistan, Sohail Javed, has proved to be a deal-breaker for Faysal who had been waiting for a powerful script to break into films again.

“I knew that a time will come when our film industry will revive again… and this time from Karachi. I was just waiting for the right story and a heart-touching script,” he said at a press conference held on a breezy evening in the lawns of Ambrosia Cafe.

It all started when Sohail [Javed] narrated the story to Faysal while driving him home and all Faysal knew was that he so wanted to make it into a film.

“It [the story] just hit the right chords with me. Aur jab dil par lag jati hai, main chorta nahi hoon phir!,” said Faisal with an attitude of a profound actor.

The story of Sorry revolves around four people and how their lives are interconnected, and also the love they share and many forms of love that evolve throughout the film.

The film boasts of a stellar cast including Sonya Hussyn, Aamina Sheikh, Zahid Ahmed and Faysal Quraishi – all of them have their own reasons to say a ‘Yes’ to Sohail and apparently to Sorry.

As per Ahmed, “When a story-teller tells a story from his heart that originates from some place of truth, it is meant to hit the right chords. Exactly that happened when I read the script. It just touched my heart. Sohail does not make the characters out of fiction, he does not compromise on the characters. Saying ‘yes’ was a one night decision for me.”

It is evident that the elements of ‘originality and truth’ hidden in the story of Sorry are the most common reasons for the entire cast to jump the bandwagon.

Said Aamina, “I just remember Sohail telling us one thing repeatedly, ‘Yeh yard rakhna k main ne iss film main har faisla dil se kiya hai, dimagh se nahi.” That’s it… we have also taken our decision from our hearts.”

Aamina recalled how intrigued she felt when she heard the story and how teary-eyed she was while listening to the script. “Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could not control myself… it is that heart-touching,” she shared.

As for Sonya, script and content are very important. “I love it when I get a challenging role to play. I believe the role that I am doing in the film is such a dark character that would not let me come out of it for a certain period of time, even after we wrap up the shootings.”

If reports are to be believed, the film is slated to release sometime after Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 because Faysal believes,“Eid par mere do doston ne boat hangama machaya hota hai [referring to Humayun and Fahad].”

The music of the film has a very interesting mix with Abbas Ali at the helm of its [musical] affairs, doing original score. Then there is Bilal Maqsood of Strings, Ahmed Jahanzeb, Natasha and others.

According to Sohail, Sorry is purely a love story. And from the look of it… seems like a tragic one. So, brace yourself for some romance and drama, being executed by one of the top individuals of our industry. – Editor