60 Seconds With Fatima Zara Mallick

On the forefront of body positivity image and busting size zero myths, stands tall Fatima Zara Mallick with her Amazonian strength and valiant words. As a model and celebrity fitness trainer, Fatima is a staunch advocate of accepting alternate body idols and creating body diversity in fitness and fashion. After spending six years in Italy pursuing her education and then turning down a coveted opportunity to work under Frida Gianini for Gucci, she finally finds her way back to her home country to head her own fitness boutique.

Your guilty pleasure is…

Too scandalous to be published.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would change absolutely nothing. 

Social media is…

A drug. And I’m addicted. 

If you were to interview a celebrity, who would it be? 

Steve Jobs.

Your first celebrity crush was? 

Hercules… from Disney.

The meaning of love for you is...

Fidelity, understanding and being there for each other through the good and bad times. 

The last photograph you took was...

Probably 10 minutes ago… I love selfies! 

You’ve won two tickets to a world tour. Who would you take along?

No one! I need me-time.