Market - Modern Asian Kitchen

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  • 27 Oct - 02 Nov, 2018
  • Attiya Abbass
  • High Life

Location: Bukhari Commercial Lane 5, Karachi
Average cost for 2: PKR 2,500 aprox

Karachite’s growing fondness for Pan Asian cuisine and acceptance for sushi, calibrates to a good number of Asian fusion restaurants that have sprouted up over the year. One addition to the food-wagon is Market – Modern Asian Kitchen, brainchild of the mother-daughter duo, Farah Vayani and Shabnam Vayani. The restaurant opened its doors to test often-unforgiving taste buds of the Karachi clientele; I daresay, we are difficult to please gastronomically. Winding down the tranquil lane of Bukhari Commercial, Market has found quiet, two-storied petite premises, which you may miss if it weren’t for the eatery’s sleek, black-lit design. I found the spacious, well-lit eatery rather not-so-happening for a place aptly named ‘market’ for an 8 p.m. dinner time, but I was to be mistaken, soon later. Ushered upstairs by a friendly waiter, we had just began warming up to the clutter-free ambience, when large groups began to file in; soon the place was a flurry of activity. My amenable waiter Hafiz, insisted I try Dragon Rolls from the specials section. From the small-plates section I chose Loaded Kimchi Fries (nothing small-plate about its serving!), followed with Steamed Shrimp Dumplings and Korean BBQ Beef. Everything was ‘loaded’ about the kimchi fries, served in a long, rectangular platter with a bed of crispy fries atopped with a thick layer of spicy shredded beef flavoured with kimchi and cheddar cheese. It easily made to the list of best appetisers I have tasted in a while. Having eaten shrimp dumplings before I was partial to its taste; the chilli oil giving a spicy kick to the single-morsel dish. Dragon Rolls took its time to come to us, by then we were already tad full of fries and shrimps; (tip; keep an easy hand on appetisers). The aesthetic presentation of ensemble dish blew us away; laid out in eight squared bits, shrimp tempuras were dribbled with eel sauce and flavoured mayo. Each bite, picked up and eaten rather gingerly with chopsticks were a curious fusion; well-done shrimp, cucumbers and avocados delivered a tasteful mouthful, allowing you to quietly chew your food to understand different flavours melding in your mouth. I was not disappointed. It is definitely something I will order again. The next course, rice bowl had generous serving, promising a spicy Asian dream-come-true; Korean beef was well-flavoured hitting tasteful notes with fried kimchi rice.

TASTE 4.5Stars

If you crave frequent Pan Asian food satiation, Market will quickly become your favourite haunt. Fine taste is definitely one of its fortes, but it may not prove to be the best bet for folks who are not up for a little experimentation. Do give it a try.


Sophisticated, spacious and modern, the eatery maintains a fuss-free ambience. The walls behold many framed pictures from different ‘market’ locations around Asia to serve its theme.


Keeping things warm and friendly, the staff willingly catered to all queries. For a first-timer to a pan Asian eatery, they sure won’t let you feel alienated.


In the words of Farah, one of the owners at Market, “You feed with your eyes first,” the upscale eatery stays true to the line. The on-point presentation of Dragon Roll is merit a mention here.


Being one area where most upscale eateries slack, Market emerges victorious. For a fine dining upscale eatery promising authentic Asian cuisine, the eatery is priced like an average café, with generous servings of main courses.