Sarah Khan & Sara Chaudhry - Two Irresistible Girls of Drama!

One may not have been super-elated at the concept of stunning Sarah Khan playing a dark phoenix in Belapur ki Dayan, but the girl just went on and did that character! For some odd reason, they picked the girl, who is a virtual light bulb on drama television. I mean they could have easily selected Saman Ansari, a brilliant, but pensive and sardonic actress. We are adamant that young female leads should take the darkest of roles!

Sarah, who is showing her talent in Band Khirkiyan these days, opposite Ali Agha, came to light in the famous serial, Bari Apa, where Sawera Nadeem portrayed the title. You must have noticed that her pretty smile was a special feature of her performance. In Band Khirkiyan, Sarah competently uses her face to illustrate her expressions and pre-occupied look. The serial could have been better devised, but Sarah fits the bill.

Of course, before Sarah Khan arrived on the scene, there was another beautiful main lead in our serials, named Sarah Chaudhry. Her innocent and cherubic face added to her beauty. She might not have been as good an actress as Sarah Khan, but she sure eclipsed others on the small screen. She was paired opposite the best TV heroes at the time in very popular serials, including Ik Teri Nazar, Tareekiyan, Tere Janey ke Ba’ad, Tere Pehlu Mein, Din Dhaley, Uraan etc. At one time, she was almost engaged to the debonair Sami Khan, as discussed in Nadia Khan Show, on air then. Later, Sarah Chaudhry left showbiz, probably married. Both the girls are irresistible for the drama television, and while we miss one, the other is doing well, aside from a few dark silhouettes!