Aatish! - Common Sense, Man!

Episode no. 11.

The scene: Everybody is searching madly for a jewel box. Naureen (Saba Parvez), the stiff-upper-lip lady of the house can’t find it. So, the handy maid is sent for, who is Asma(Hina Altaf). She looks in the almari, and brings out the box, smiling. Dadi Amman (Azra Mansur) says, “Lo dekho, mil gaya na jewellery box! Khwah makhwah itna shore machaya hua tha!”

The sequence follows: But, soon, the trouble begins, when a kangan is found missing in the jewellery box. Naureen is sure that the maid, Asma has stolen the kangan, while Asmacries and refutes the blame. A shot reveals that the kangan was lying under the almari, all the while. In fact, as a recall factor reminds you that it has been lying there for close to a couple of days.

Others intervene: The police is called to arrest the supposed culprit, Asma. Soon, Shehryar (Azzfer Rehman) enters the frame, and defends Asma. Sa’ad Bhai (Aqeel Abbas) also sides with the maid of the house. Naureen backs away, though she hates Asma.

Result at the end of the episode: The Aatish of class consciousness burns deep. The kangan lies there under the cabinet, all this while!

The director of this serial is Saima Waseem and the script is written by Shagufta Bhatti. Both are unaware of the fact that such palatial houses employ sweeper maids and gardeners and errand boys (who have already been shown in the earlier episodes). They probably didn’t notice the qeemti kangan, while sweeping the floor for the last week! Escaped their otherwise prying eyes!

Analysis: The sweeper maids have been absent for a week!