Twitter with transparency improvements


Twitter has announced a new measure to improve the transparency of platform rule violations, while it'll also now remove tweets from your timeline. In response to concerns that it hasn't been transparent enough, Twitter is now adding a new notification type when a tweet has been found to have broken the rules. In addition to this, Twitter also says that users have told them they don't want to continue seeing tweets that they've previously reported in their timelines. Now once you've reported a Tweet, it will be hidden behind a notice. If there’s a need to see the Tweet you reported, you can tap the notice to view it.

WhatsApp fixes bugs

WhatsApp has fixed a flaw that allowed hackers to crash the private messaging app when users responded to video calls, according to Google's cyber security team. The bug in the Android and iOS apps of WhatsApp could have allowed attackers to take the app when users answered a video call. The flaw was earlier detected by Natalie Silvanovich, a researcher at Google's Project Zero security research team. She described this flaw as a big deal; just answering a call from an attacker could completely compromise WhatsApp. WhatsApp has publicly released an apology for the bug that has now been fixed and promised the reliability in the future.

Instagram tests new features with Facebook

Instagram is testing a feature that allows it to share your detailed location history with its parent company, Facebook. The app collects GPS of the users even when they're not using it. By sharing that data, both Facebook and Instagram could collect huge amounts of information on users for better target ads. In the tech buzz, major concerns have been raised that Facebook will now attempt to get more value out of Instagram at the expense of its users. It's not clear yet clear if Instagram plans to launch the feature or whether it would be switched on for users by default.